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Documentary Producer. Creative Strategist. 
Equipped for Avid
& Adventure.

Offering over 15 years of  production, post, and live broadcast experience.


Whether overseeing logistics, chasing a story, or a combination of the two, I look forward to the next opportunity to help bring excellence to the screen.


​I am a seasoned producer whose documentary work includes Gutsy (AppleTV+), an upcoming Steve Martin documentary (Apple TV+), The People v. The Klan (CNN), and QB1: Beyond the Lights (Netflix).  As a creative strategist, I thrive when combining my love for both exceptional storytelling and meticulous problem-solving to bridge the gap between creative and logistical teams. I am comfortable leading teams in the field as well as the edit bay. My desire to create an empowering and productive workspace for all involved, is paramount on each project.


I am a member of the Producers Guild of America and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. I am also an instructor for the Berkeley Advanced Media Institute at the University of California, and have served as a panelist, speaker, and advisor for a number of educational and non-profit organizations.

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